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Mission Statement


Shulamith School for Girls is committed to providing its students, from early childhood through high school, with a superior Judaic and Secular education. Student life is permeated with and guided by Halacha and the moral and ethical code of עם ישראל, promoting refinement of character and simchat hachaim, and respect for and love of the State of Israel.

Through its dedicated faculty and support staff, Shulamith guides students to discover their individual talents and voices, and grow into healthy, intelligent adults that contribute positively and creatively to their family, the community and greater society.

The paramount goal of a Shulamith education is to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make independent choices as genuine Halakhic Jews sensitive to all people, and lifelong students of the moral lessons of the Torah and it’s teachings.


To create a state of the art campus integrating an early childhood through high school learning environment providing students with superior Judaic and Secular studies educations. Shulamith graduates will emerge as well-rounded Jewish women infused with a love of Torah, the Jewish nation and Eretz Yisrael. Our graduates will possess the self-confidence, knowledge and ability to create a successful and fulfilling observant Jewish life in their home, community, and chosen profession.