The Shulamith Women’s Organization (SWO) strives to enhance the relationship between the Shulamith parent body, the teachers, and the Shulamith students. The goal is to provide our students with programming to enhance their academic experience and to promote growth in middot. 
The activities of the SWO include teacher appreciation and holiday gifts, Jewish holiday activities for the students, like the Lag B’Omer Fair, and Rosh Chodesh parties, the Chanukah Pop Up Shop, the Mother-Daughter Melava Malka, the Father-Daughter Tomchei Shabbos Packing event, Book Fairs, Bake Sales, and much more. 
The SWO also organizes the school lunch program. 
Please see the calendar for upcoming events. 
The SWO welcomes new volunteers, feedback and parent participation.
Please email us at swo@shulamith.org

  • Nahva Bindiger
  • Sori Laufer